ERP Software for Distribution Businesses

Distribution is a highly competitive business. Retailers are searching for distributors that surpass their expectations and support their objectives. Most retailers will focus on partnering with superior distribution businesses as a method to accomplish this. But, since distribution is highly competitive, distribution businesses need an advantage that enables them to successfully compete against both newcomers and established distribution businesses; Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is that advantage.

Why Does A Distribution Business Need ERP Software?

Effective management is the cornerstone of any business.
However, according to data released by a KPMG study, 63% of retail executives expect their growth opportunities to arise from an improved supply chain. This means that the distributors need to optimize their supply management to meet retailers’ expectations.

Enterprise resource planning software allows you to do this by enabling you to manage your business processes with real-time data. You can manage stock levels, track order fulfillment and reduce fulfillment lead times through your ERP. Additionally, as a distribution business, ERP software allows you to update the channels within your organization, thereby reducing wasteful expenditure and the duplication of processes.

You can then leverage this improved workflow to provide a superior and fast-tracked service to your retail customers, without investing in additional personnel or paying a premium for expertise.

Successful Distributors Use ERP Systems

The purpose of ERP software is not only to make your business more efficient but also enable your business to be more successful.
A key element of success for any business – especially in a competitive industry – is to retain customers.
For B2B companies like distributors, who provide for businesses, instead of consumers, the way to retain customers differs tremendously.
According to think tank experts, most B2B businesses – like retailers – will maintain a relationship with a distributor in their supply chain if that business helps them obtain an outcome, is trustworthy, and uses relevant technology.
An ERP system helps distributors realize all of the above. The ERP system itself ensures your retail clients trust your process because it is backed by real-time data. Furthermore, you can support your retail client’s outcomes by expediting orders, anticipating demands, offering unbeatable discounts, and automating many parts of the transaction.

ERP Software Benefits

ERP software has numerous benefits. One of the unique benefits of an ERP system includes having access to relevant data that affects your profitability and productivity. By using distribution software, you can:

  • Improve cash flow by ensuring your finances are used to replenish or acquire the right stock.
  • Increase your profit by expediting your process so you can cater to more customers without burdening your resources.
  • Leverage your existing resources so you don’t have to hire more employees to do manual stock taking and keeping.

However, many of these benefits require that you choose the right ERP system for your distribution business.
Some of the essential features your ERP software should include are:

Flexibility: ideally, your distribution software should be compatible with every device, including mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Integrated Tracking: your ERP system should analyze and assess all your warehouses for inventory to allow you to accurately determine and report your stock quantities.

Multi-Currency Support: to ensure you’re accurately tracking and reporting all your transactions, your ERP system should have a multi-currency function.

Why Choose An Australian ERP Software Provider?

In every territory across the globe, businesses face regional challenges. Many of these challenges were exacerbated over the past year during the pandemic.
This highlighted a fundamental aspect of managing warehouse distribution: the need for software that caters to local needs.
When it comes to your Australian business, no ERP software will support its aims better than locally developed software.
This is because, while Australian distributors distribute to primarily local retailers, they are in a unique position of managing relationships with suppliers from all over the world.
To help you navigate this international and local supply chain, using Australian ERP software is best. Not only do you have access to local technicians and support who can assist with integration and any queries you have, but the software also ensures you’re reporting according to local regulations.

Why is Antzman ERP Software the Best?

The team at Antzman has created an ERP system that improves the supply chain of all distributors – irrespective of size. Our cloud based software is flexible and highly secure.
Distributors can integrate it into existing systems, allowing them to enhance their business and fast-track their objectives.
Additionally, our software simplifies inventory tracking, even in multi-warehouse situations.
We have simplified ERP software, so you can use your existing workforce to manage the system. This, in combination with our world-class customer-centricity, is what makes the team at Antzman different.

Contact our team, who is always willing to assist, to understand how our cloud-based ERP software can assist your distribution business and accelerate your objectives.

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